Why do I choose to be a fine art photographer?

As a fine art photographer I see images, subjects, nature, etc. that appeal to me. I capture, transform and present them in various formats for you to enjoy. My goal as a fine art photographer is to pull out the beauty, details and uniqueness in all that surrounds us. Those subtle things that often go unnoticed; the quickly passing moments in time, or places worthy of a revisit, my camera’s lens can capture for a lifetime of enjoyment. I give you all this through my fine art photography.

Providing you with unique images to bring new life into your home or business spaces. Let me offer you that breathtaking land or waterscape. I love capturing the seaside beauty of the Hampton Roads, Virginia area where I reside. And you can share this same beauty with those you know when you give my fine art photography gifts I design. Your home or business décor is not meant to be a permanent arrangement. New and fresh is good. And unlike so many consumable items fine art photography will become part of your legacy that can be passed down through the family.

Barbara Gibson