Have you ever just sat back and watched the flickering of a flame? A flame as small as that of a birthday candle or as large as a warm roaring fireplace. As a photographer I find light to be an interesting subject and the light produced by fire gives off two qualities that I find fascinating. The qualities of the heat and the light. It’s quite obvious the fire being captured by the camera but I capture the heat in the colors of the flame, the glowing coals on a grill and the embers in a fireplace. My fireside photography series was taken in January when my city of Hampton, VA was blanket in one of our few snowfalls. Hampton is an east coastal city where it doesn’t take much snow to shut us down and lock us inside. So why not light my fireplace and get busy doing what I love.

The three images in my fireplace series show the warmth, drama, color, and relaxation and peace fire can produce. There are two images both of which show a pair of wine glasses similar but still quite different. The portrait format shows the drama and command of the flames as they leap above back lighting the wine glasses and setting the embers visibly aglow.

The second photograph done in landscape format displays the two wine glasses in a more relaxed, romantic setting. The flames of the fire not quite evident but back lighting the wine glasses and the fireplace walls just enough that you know it’s there. This photo brings forth more varying colors of amber, green, deep burgundy, and a pop of blue letting you know it’s still hot but cozy.

The third image of this “Fireside Series”, I titles “Wisdom”. Why wisdom…. Well as I was so blessed by God to step into 2018 I knew I wanted to be more of a blessing to others through my photography. I wanted to show my appreciation for the beauty of His creation through my photography. This world and its people being Gods own creations is what I long to capture through the lens of my camera. Seeing creations beauty in my opinion is not a skill but an insightful wisdom. And wisdom comes from God. How often do some of the most beautiful moments around us go unnoticed? This photo shows a bible open to one of my favorite book, “Proverbs”, with a cozy fire burning in the background. It’s my desire to live in 2018 with wisdom and guidance from God.

Wine Down by the Fireside
Wine Light